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Ambiguous genitalia is a birth defect where the outer genitals do not have the typical appearance of either a boy or a girl. The genetic sex of a child is determined at conception. The mother's egg cell contains an X chromosome , while the father's sperm cell contains either an X or a Y chromosome. These X and Y chromosomes determine the child's genetic sex. Normally, an infant inherits 1 pair of sex chromosomes, 1 X from the mother and 1 X or one Y from the father.

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"They have a vagina, like anybody else's," she said, "but it's basically And as you might expect, the testes of women with AIS produce huge. The newborn AIS infant has genitals of normal female appearance, undescended or partially descended testes, and usually a short vagina with no cervix.
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This list of related male and female reproductive organs shows how the male and female reproductive organs and the development of the reproductive system are related, sharing a common developmental path. This makes them biological homologues. These organs differentiate into the respective sex organs in males and females. The external genitalia of both males and females have similar origins.
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Androgen insensitivity syndrome AIS was first described in details by Morris [ 1 ], who provided the descriptive terms—testicular feminization syndrome for this disorder, which is inherited as X-linked recessive disorder. The underlying pathology is the inability of the end organs to respond to androgens, either due to lack of androgen cytosol receptor or defect in the receptor. Genotypically they are male XY but phenotypically and psychologically female [ 2 ], usually present with primary amenorrhoea or infertility with well developed breast, but absent axillary and pubic hair, normal external genitalia and short and blind vagina. The upper two-thirds of vagina, uterus and tubes are absent. Gonads testes are normally developed but abnormally positioned; either placed in the labia, or inguinal canal or intra-abdominal. The hormone profile in these individual is typical—high LH, normal to slightly elevated testosterone levels, high estradiol for men , and normal to elevated FSH.
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